Groom’s revenge on ‘cheating’ bride as he plays video of ‘her with another man’ in front of stunned wedding guests

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Guests got the shock of their lives when a groom got his revenge on his ‘cheating’ bride by playing a video of her ‘alleged’ infidelity at their wedding.

The clip, displayed at the wedding in Singapore, began with a montage of the bride and groom’s relationship so far, according to local media.

But suddenly, it cut into footage of the woman going into a hotel room with her alleged lover, before the pair apparently engaged in “intimate” actions.

The groom, who is a wealthy businessman, had hired a private investigator a few weeks prior to their wedding to check on his wife-to-be. And let’s just say that he was pretty surprised to discover what the investigator had uncovered.

Mirror has reported that the wedding took place in Singapore and it is said that the bride got up and walked out of the venue when she saw the footage on the overhead screen. I can only imagine the embarrassment and horror she felt. Ouch!

He had apparently suspected she was cheating on him.

After the video was played at the wedding, the “embarrassed” and “humiliated” bride is said to have run out of the room.

It was not clear whether the wedding had taken place by the time the groom made the revelations about the bride’s affair.



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