‘You’re in such good shape.’ US President Donald Trump compliments French First Lady, 64, as he arrives in France with wife Melania


US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania who are in France on a state visit were hosted by Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, the first lady and president of France to a lavish dinner at the Eiffel Tower on Thursday.

Donald Trump sat next to Brigitte Macron, with whom he’d shared an uncomfortable handshake with earlier in the day that lingered on a little too long -and in which she appeared to be trying to get him to let go. 424B55DF00000578-4691300-image-a-26_1499956770072

He’d also told France’s 64-year-old first lady in front of her husband, 39-year-old Macron: ‘You know, you’re in such good shape.’

The Trump’s arrived in France on Thursday for a brief stay.424BF55D00000578-4691300-First_lady_Melania_Trump_in_red_is_escorted_through_the_Notre_Da-a-9_1499968500909 424EADE400000578-4694428-The_women_took_a_ride_down_the_Seine_river_while_their_husbands_-a-53_1499982658654 424F129700000578-4694428-President_Donald_Trump_took_his_wife_out_on_the_town_Thursday_ev-a-33_1499980219490 424F304A00000578-4694428-French_chef_Alain_Ducasse_left_gestures_the_presidents_and_their-a-36_1499980219530



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