Nigerian Man Sentenced to 20 Years Imprisonment in South Africa for Forcing a 15-year-old girl into Prostitution and Drugs

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A Nigerian man Eke Ugochukwu‚ 30‚ has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment at the South Gauteng High Court in South Africa on Monday morning.

He is convicted of trafficking a 15-year-old girl, forcing her into prostitution and drugs.

“The accused is sentenced to 15 years for counts 3‚ 4 ‚ 5 ‚ 6 together‚” said Judge Majake Mabasele.

“He is sentenced to 10 years on count 8. Five years will run concurrently with the 15 years above‚” he added.

“Therefore the accused is sentenced to an effective term of 20 years imprisonment.”

The charges he was found guilty of included living off the proceeds of sexual exploitation‚ being an accomplice to rape and contravening the Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Act.

Ugochukwu’s lawyer had pleaded with the court to be lenient on his client‚ arguing that he was first time offender‚ had a mother and child to support and had turned his back on his drug dealing ways.

Mabasele‚ however‚ said he did not agree that a fine would be an appropriate punishment.

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