Models wear ‘f*** your wall’ underwear down the runway as New York Fashion Week gets very political


The US fashion industry is becoming increasing political. A Mexican immigrant designer sends ‘f*** your wall’ underwear down the runway at New York Fashion Week. 

 Calvin Klein, Raf Simons played David Bowie’s ‘This is Not America’ to open and close his show on Friday morning.

A Mexico-born designer declared ‘f*** your wall’ and ‘no ban, no wall’ on the back of models’ white underwear.3D114B9400000578-4214092-LRS_Studio_and_designer_Raul_Solis_chose_to_make_a_bold_politica-a-1_1486800807168

These two men were some of the designers that used their shows to voice their opinion, as the fashion industry begins to follow Hollywood’s suit and make a comment on the political climate in the United States.Simons, a Belgian designer, said his debut collection was about unity, acceptance and ‘different individuals — just like America itself’.

Before the show, he sent out white patterned bandannas to attendees in order to promote that message of inclusion.

The note read: ‘Unity, inclusion, hope and acceptance: Join us at Calvin Klein in wearing the white bandanna. #tiedtogether’

Simons said backstage after his bow: ‘When you have a voice, you should use it.’ 3D0E54C100000578-4214092-Attendees_of_the_Calvin_Klein_show_were_given_a_unity_bandannas_-a-8_1486800807487

Later on Friday afternoon LRS Studio followed suit when designer Raul Solis, 32, brazenly wrote ‘f*** your wall’ and ‘no ban, no wall’ on underwear in a clear message to President Trump.

Solis, an immigrant from Mexico, also had topless women in the show as a symbol of feminine sexual empowerment. 3D12EDDC00000578-4214092-Another_model_at_the_LRS_show_wore_underpants_that_read_no_ban_n-a-10_1486800807537

He told W Magazine: ‘It’s important to have that message of sexual empowerment, especially now—to say, “Hey, actually, you can do whatever you want.”

‘I don’t get too political, but obviously [this season] it’s impossible to dismiss.’

Creatures of Comfort had a model wear a sweatshirt that said: ‘We are all human beings’, which tied into the industry’s stance of inclusion on Thursday.



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