Check out how a father-of-four is making a living by turning old tyres into amazing goods


A father of four in South Africa Thabo Maringa, 43, was forced to tap into his creative side when he lost his mining job.

Maringa, who now makes a living by making furniture and other artefacts from recycled car tyres, recalled how the pressure of job loss led him to start the business, Sowetan Live reported.tyres4

“I developed stress because it was the time where children were looking at me to buy them food and clothes for Christmas. And I knew I was not good to provide for them because it is not easy to find a job these days, let alone during the festive season,” said Maringa.tyres2

His workshop is his home. Maringa makes traditional sandals, doormats and swings which he sells to local crèche owners.

“I am happy that I was retrenched because I wouldn’t have started this business. Though [at first] I was worried as to how we were going to survive with my family, but later I discovered that it was a blessing in disguise.”

“When I was a child we used to take two sticks, cover its front tip with plastic and put it inside a tyre with some water. Our parents could not afford to buy us toys and that was our car when we were growing up.”

“I love nature, as a result I used to make wild animal sculptures and draw landscapes.”

“I want to see myself owning a big business and creating more jobs to close the gap of unemployment. I would be happy to see my business helping more people to put food on the table,” he added.


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