New Zealand hit by 7.5 magnitide earthquake, aftershocks continue


New Zealand has been hit by a series of  strong and severe quakes, the largest is a 7.5 magnitide in South Auckland.

The quake set of a series of aftershocks around the country, the largest of which was felt in Wellington on the south end of the North Island.3a548f5700000578-3931666-image-a-72_1479039915190

Hundreds of people around the country have been jolted awake and taken to social media to document damage.

Civil Defence is advising all people in coastal areas of the country to move inland to higher ground after a severe magnitude 7.5 earthquake which struck in the South Island.3a54692f00000578-3931666-image-a-44_1479037575862

 Tidal measurements from Geonet now indicate that a tsunami two metres or more has been recorded in Kaikoura, and indications are it will hit other parts of the South Island soon.

The Ministry of Civil Defence is warning all residents living on the coast of the South Island, North Island and the Chatham Islands to move inland or to higher ground as soon as possible.3a54f7f000000578-3931666-image-a-94_1479043818036

“The first wave activity may not be the most significant. Tsunami activity will continue for several hours and the threat must be regarded as real until this warning is cancelled.”

 Geonet’s revised measurements say the quake was centred 15km northeast of Culverden at a depth of 15km and struck at 12.02am.3a54695f00000578-3931666-image-a-43_1479037567073

It was felt aross the country, with a series of strong aftershocks also felt since the main quake.

It was felt as far away as Auckland and thousands of Geonet Felt Reports have streamed in.

 Police earlier advised that the police 111 emergency phone service was unavailable for a time due to the quake, but it has since been reactivated.3a5469f300000578-3931666-image-a-41_1479037549275

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